Avolve Partnership

Unite collaboratively along with collectives that share your momentous sentiment in building a supersociety of superhumans.

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A supercivilized collective culture.

Collective Partners provide values to Individual Members.

Rewards for collectives building a supersociety of superhumans.111

Supercivilized Partnership Agreement

Mobilizing Supersociety Structures

Our Avolve Partnership rewards collectives who want to develop more civilized cultures by reducing uncivilized behaviors, so they can further mobilize supersociety structures.

In a world where people are increasingly uncivilized, it’s more important than ever to develop civilized cultures. It’s no surprise that civilized cultures are generally more successful than uncivilized ones. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that a civilized culture leads to a much better quality of life, less crime, and higher economic growth.

In a civilized culture, people are rewarded for good behaviors and punished for bad ones. The opposite is true in an uncivilized society where the social norms reward destructive or even criminal behavior to such an extent that they’re seen as normal.

While it may sound like simply changing social mores would lead to less crime, there’s another factor at play: economic inequality.

A country with high levels of poverty has fewer resources per person than one with low levels of poverty; this means that their economy will also be weaker which leads to increased rates of crime and violence between individuals who feel threatened by those on top because they can’t compete economically.

A better way forward is through business alliances and economic interdependencies.